For each order, we plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest

28,005 trees have been planted since the collaboration began in November 2021.

One tree per order
By purchasing from us, you contribute to protecting, preserving and restoring the planet's valuable rainforests, which are habitats for half of all terrestrial animals. Rainforests also absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, which slows down climate change.

Partner with One Tree Planted
In just 100 years, 50% of the planet's rainforests have disappeared and every year 15 billion trees are cut down. This is a threat to a large number of species while global climate systems are being unbalanced. Rainforests are also important as they provide food, clean water and medicine for hundreds of millions of people. Through the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, we therefore plant a tree for each order.

The Amazon rainforest is the world's largest ecosystem that is now threatened by forest fires and felling to make way for agriculture that is not sustainable in the long term. One Tree Planted is therefore working to restore impoverished agricultural areas that were previously rainforests. In these areas, the organization plants a mixture of wild and commercial trees. In this way, sustainable forestry agriculture is created that provides jobs for the local population while wild animals regain habitable habitats.

A big thank you for choosing to shop from us and thus planting a tree.


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