Fold a pocket square

How to fold a handkerchief for a suit and jacket
In the following guide, we present how you can fold the handkerchief in 3 different ways, which are the most common ways to fold a handkerchief. With this step by step guide in both image and text, we hope you will easily learn how to do it. It's actually a lot easier than you might think. Good luck!

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Puff - Stylish but informal
The most common and easiest way to fold a handkerchief. Suitable for those who want an informal look but still look well dressed.

Lär dig vika näsduk - Enkel guide

  1. Start with the handkerchief fully developed
  2. Place your index finger in the center of the handkerchief
  3. Let it fall over your hand
  4. Poke the handkerchief into the breast pocket so that it protrudes like a puff 3-4 cm above the edge

James Bond - The formal classic fold
The classic that goes well with formal events, such as weddings and business meetings. Also works great if you want to be really nicely dressed for everyday. Tip: If the width of the handkerchief does not fit the breast pocket, it is possible to fold a small part of the handkerchief in step 3 first before folding it in the middle. In this way it becomes narrower.

Vika bröstnäsduk - James Bond style

  1. Start with the handkerchief fully developed
  2. Fold each corner towards the center of the handkerchief
  3. Fold the handkerchief in half so that it forms a rectangle
  4. Fold the rectangle to form a square
  5. Ready to poke into the jacket pocket. About 1 cm should protrude above the edge of the breast pocket.

Tuxedo - Fold handkerchief to tuxedo
Most often used for tuxedos. Works just as well for those who want to stand out a little at the party.

Lär dig vika näsduken till smokingen - Enkel guide

  1. Start with the handkerchief fully developed
  2. Take the lower corner and fold it towards the upper so that two tips are formed
  3. Take the right corner and fold it to the left so that another tip is formed to the left of the first two tips.
  4. Take the left corner and fold it towards the right so that a fourth tip is formed
  5. Fold the sides, adjust the width to the width of your breast pocket
  6. Fold up the lower part so that the handkerchief can be tucked into the pocket
  7. Now the handkerchief is ready to tuck into the breast pocket. Make sure that 4 tips protrude from the pocket

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