In a world of choices, choose Neckwearshop

Quality above all, always
We take pride in offering the ultimate combination of quality and style. Through our long-standing collaboration with reputable suppliers, mainly in Italy, we have access to the most exclusive materials and the knowledge to create world-class products. Perfection is not an achievable goal, but a continuous pursuit. The aim to always be better permeates the entire Neckwearshop culture, which is reflected in our great products.

Our dedicated team has a passion for fashion and is passionate about giving men the opportunity to express their unique personal style with our accessories. With a focus on classic designs that never go out of style, we ensure our products are always timeless and relevant. Whether you want to show your elegance at work or at a party, you can always rely on Neckwearshop to make a strong and confident impression.

Elevating your style with affordable luxury
Luxury at a price that's accessible to everyone. By selling our products directly to you with no middlemen, we avoid the added expense of a traditional distributor. Our vision is to create products that are flawless, aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable. We offer a 2-year warranty and all new products are carefully reviewed and tested before they are introduced into the range. The process from prototype to finished product often takes more than 2 years.

Wear your values
For us, a responsible business model is important and we are constantly working to improve and minimise our carbon footprint. We don't want to contribute to a wear-and-tear culture. We believe in investing in products that have a long lifespan with recycled materials when possible. Together we can create a more sustainable future for our planet and our wardrobes.

As part of our commitment to contributing to sustainable development, we have planted 52,190 trees to date, representing a donation of $52,190. Through a partnership with the organisation One Tree Planted, we have been able to help rebuild the endangered Amazon rainforest.

The founders of Neckwearshop
Neckwearshop is run by friends Johan Vegfors and Johan Berggren who have a lifelong friendship and a combined experience of over 25 years in the fashion industry. Having worked with more than 40 different suppliers and brands, they have developed an in-depth understanding to ensure that each product meets their strict quality and design requirements.

Johan Beggren - CEO and Founder

"When you buy from Neckwearshop, you can be sure that you are getting products that are created with care and expertise. We never compromise on quality" - Johan Berggren, CEO.

Johan Vegfors - COO & Founder

"Our goal is to be the fashion brand with the most satisfied customers in the market. We accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction in our organization" - Johan Vegfors, COO.

From business idea to worldwide sales
It all started with a dream of starting our own business and a passion for dressing well. That's why it seemed like the perfect business idea when we started in 2010. A fast-growing e-commerce market combined with small products that fitted directly into the mailbox offered great opportunities. We wanted to create something unique and founded two brands of our own, Neckwear and Scottsberry. Through these we would offer a one-stop-shop online for men's accessories, where all men would find what they were looking for.

Initially, stock was kept in a wardrobe and orders were packed on a bed. As the company grew, we had to make several warehouse moves as the premises quickly became too small.

To expand even faster, we brought in external brands and opened physical stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden. After a couple of years of rapid growth, we were named a "gazelle company" by the business magazine Dagens Industri. Despite the success, we soon realized that we were most passionate about e-commerce and our own brands, where we could let our creativity flow freely to create our own collections.

This is why we sat down at the drawing board and redesigned the company's future strategy. The physical stores were closed and all external brands and shirt ranges were phased out. Today, we specialize entirely in accessories with our own brands Neckwear and Scottsberry. We are one of the leading online players in our segment with sales worldwide.

In 2022, we launched Neckwearshop locally in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the UK with translated websites, local logistics and online advertising. This has initiated a new growth phase in the history of Neckwearshop. Going forward, we aim to continue to grow through international expansion and the development of new product categories for Scottsberry. In the 13 years that have passed, we have learned an incredible amount along the way. We look to the future with great confidence but are humbled by the challenges that lie ahead. We hope that you, our customers, will continue to join us on this journey in the future.


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