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Our Story
It all started with a dream of starting our own business and an interest in dressing nicely. Therefore, it felt like the perfect business idea when we started in 2010. A fast-growing e-commerce market combined with light products that fit directly in the mailbox provided great opportunities. Initially, the warehouse was stored in a closet and orders were packed on a bed. As the company grew, the warehouse was quickly moved to a basement in a villa where preparations for the next growth phase began.

To expand faster, external brands were brought in and we opened physical stores in Bromma Blocks and in Frölunda Torg mall in Sweden. After a couple of years of rapid growth, we were appointed gazelle companies by Dagens Industri, the biggest business magazine in Sweden. Despite the successes, we also realized that we were most passionate about e-commerce and our own brand, where we could design and produce our own collections at significantly lower prices. Therefore, we sat down again at the drawing board and changed the company's future strategy. The physical stores were closed and all external brands and soritment with shirts were phased out. Today, we are completely specialized in accessories under our own brand and are one of the leading online players in our segment with sales worldwide.

Who are the people behind Neckwear?
Neckwear is run by Johan Vegfors and Johan Berggren. We started in the same class in the middle school and since we lived in Linköping with only one forest grove between us, we quickly became best friends. Today, more than 20 years later, we are still just as good friends despite many intense years together as business partners. During the journey we have gone through fire and water together. Along the way, we have learned that what does not kill us makes us stronger. Johan Vegfors has a great interest in music, while Johan Berggren prefers to spend his free days pulling up big pikes.

Passion for good products
We create our own collections and designs together with the weavers we work with. Our passion for product development combined with ten years of experience means that we know how to make a really good tie. That is why we offer a 2-year guarantee on all products in the range. We love fashion and want all men to be able to create their own personal style with our quality accessories. Our range mainly consists of stylish classic patterns that never go out of date. However, we do not want it to feel formal to wear a bow tie or tie, and we therefore also offer festive collections so that you can still be handsomely dressed but with a twinkle in your eye.

No middlemen
By not working with distributors or agents, we have cut all intermediaries, something that otherwise characterizes the conservative fashion industry. Instead, we work directly with textile makers, where we together produce our own designs and collections. In this way, we can offer unique products in high quality at reasonable prices.

No physical stores
We have previously run physical stores, which we know from experience is associated with high costs. By only specializing in E-commerce, our organization is tailored in a cost-effective way, which provides a different price picture than traditional commerce.

We planted trees
For every customer order between November 2020 and October 2022, we planted a tree in the Amazon rainforest. This resulted in us planting 52,190 trees corresponding to a total sum of 52,190 US dollars. You who have bought from us during this period have thus contributed to protecting, preserving and restoring the planet's valuable rainforests, which are the habitat of half of all terrestrial animals. The rainforests also absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, which slows down climate change. Read more here.

The truth about free shipping & free returns
When online stores offer free shipping and free returns, the costs are always baked into the price of the products instead. Free returns lead to many people ordering without thought, which creates a higher proportion of returns at the same time as it is negative for the climate. This in turn creates higher shipping and handling costs, which ultimately leads to a more expensive price of the product for you as a customer. We have instead chosen to charge our actual cost price for shipping and you will have to bear the return cost yourself.

What do our customers say?
We believe that the only way to long-term success is really satisfied customers. Read what our customers say about us.


Safe shopping
We are certified according to the requirements for Nordic E-commerce certification.


Business address
Neckwear Sweden AB
Box 1015
58110 Linkoping

VAT registration: SE556882-406301


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