Tie 8 cm wool and silk San Vito

29.90 €

Product Description

When designing this collection, we wanted to create the ultimate all-round tie that would suit any and every occasion, be it an important job meeting or a relaxed summer party. What’s more: we wanted a tie that is unique, timeless and stylish, as well as one that is durable and that suits all types of jackets. 

The resulting tie has become one of our personal favourites! The beautiful stripes made from a blend of wool and silk allow for a durable and luxurious looking tie. Also, due to the meticulous sewing and quality inner material of sufficient thickness, knots can be easily tied. We recommend a four-in-hand knot for that simple, casual look. The tie is hand sewn and made without intermediaries. To best preserve it, untie the tie after use and keep it rolled or hung.

Color: Navy, light blue, white
Fabric: 60% wool, 40% silk
Width: 8 cm | 3,15"
Length: 145 cm | 57"
Size: One size
Brand: Neckwear
Manufacturing: Hand made, woven, self-tipping, swedish design

Item no: ST-100-14
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Color: Blue

Type: Tie 8 cm


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