Italian scarf Piedmont in cotton and silk

52.40 €

Product Description

Blue scarf with a stylish and discreet paisley pattern that goes well with most outfits. The scarf is made of 70% cotton and 30% silk to give a soft and smooth composition that is comfortable to wear around the neck while the material breathes. Tie it or wrap it several times around your neck to keep you warm on cold days. You can also let the scarf hang straight down around your neck to a jacket or coat for a classic "scarf look". The scarf is sewn by hand in the Como district of Italy, which is known for having the best textile makers in the world. Since we work without intermediaries, we can offer a scarf of the highest quality at a really good price. Dimensions: 200 x 40 cm. Brand: Scottsberry. Dry cleaning only.

Item no: CSS-02
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