Italian navy silk tie Di Rocca 8 cm

41.90 €

Product Description

Navy blue tie with gold-colored paisley pattern. The tie is made by hand in Como Italy, from recycled silk fabric in a manufacturing process called "Shappe Diamante" in Italian. This process gives a tie that is softer and more compliant than a regular silk tie. This gives a fantastic quality to the fabric while the tie gets a beautiful fall along the chest and abdomen. It is also easy to make a really nice tie knot thanks to its thinness and soft fabric. By making use of waste silk fabric, savings are also made for the environment. Hand-sewn in Italy without intermediaries. Dry cleaning only.

Material: 100% silk. Width: 8 cm. Length: 150 cm. Brand: Scottsberry.

Item no: ITS100-08
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Color: Navy


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