Italian dark brown self-tie silk bow tie La Spezia

41.90 €

Product Description

Dark brown bow tie with navy blue floral pattern. The bow tie is made by hand in Como Italy, from recycled silk fabric in a manufacturing process called "Shappe Diamante". This process gives a soft silk fabric with a luxurious feel. By making use of waste fabric, savings are also made for the environment. The bow tie is self-tied and easy to fasten around the neck with an adjustable buckle and fits all neck measurements with a circumference up to 52 cm. This bow tie can be divided into two parts, which means that it can be tied around the neck and then removed. If you have difficulty tying it yourself, you can thus let a friend tie it on his own neck. Then take it off and adjust the length and attach it to your own neck. Hand-sewn in Italy without intermediaries. Dry cleaning only.

Material: 100% silk. Width: 6 cm. Brand: Scottsberry.

Item no: ITS400-06
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