We offer a huge range for those looking to buy a new tie. We work with carefully selected materials and suppliers to manufacture ties of the highest quality at a reasonable price. We have ties for any occasion, whether you need a tie for work, a party or a wedding. We have ties in all kinds of material including silk, wool, linen, cotton, polyester and cashmere. Many ties are a mixture of these materials to provide an exciting texture. Don’t miss our amazing knitted ties in wool and silk. Our ties are available in different price ranges. You can find cheap polyester ties but also exclusive variants in cashmere. There are also various widths such as 8 cm and 6 cm ties. Below, you can filter according to what you're looking for in terms of colour, pattern, price range, material and brand. We offer spotted, striped and plaid ties as well as lots of other great patterns and designs. Do not miss our great range of Italian ties. We are Europe's largest - probably even the best - online store for ties!

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Despite three centuries of persistent attempts to loosen the necktie’s grip around the man's neck, this little strip of silk remains as an important part of men's fashion. The necktie is the ultimate proof of the wearer´s individuality. Therefore the necktie sets the man apart from the crowd, making the tie an indispensable accessory. The necktie´s pattern and motif expresses the wearer´s history and interests.

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Buying a tie online at Neckwearshop is easy and comfortable. Our online shop offers a wide selection of neckties where you can find cheap ties but also exclusive brand-ties made of wool or cashmere. We have ties from Amanda Christensen, Hermes, Drakes of London, Tiger of Sweden, Scottsberry and many more brands. If you are looking for cheap quality ties, take a look at our own brand Neckwear. We aim to make all customers happy by quick deliveries, low prices and great service. Buy your necktie online at Neckwearshop to make sure you make a great tie purchase.  When you buy a tie online, it is important the seller provides good pictures, and has information about the fabric, width and brand.


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