Bow ties

We offer the largest selection of bow ties online. Our vast catalogue includes pre-tied and self-tie bow ties in all conceivable materials and styles. The range includes slim bow ties, woollen bow ties, crocheted bow ties and more. Whatever you are looking for, our aim is that you should be able to find exactly the bow tie you are looking for. We have bow ties for all possible occasions: parties, weddings, christenings or proms. We also offer bow ties that give you a stylish appearance in everyday life without being too formally dressed. Furthermore, we have the largest online selection of single-colour bow ties. We have all possible colours and shades, and we can almost promise that you will find exactly the colour you are looking for. Use the filters below to find exactly the bow tie you want. You can filter according to colour, price range, material, pattern or brand. It should be easy and convenient to shop online. Therefore, follow the trend and buy your bow tie from us online.

Bow ties online

Bow ties are normally divided into two groups, pre tied bow ties and self tied bow ties. So which type should you use, the pre tied or the freestyle bow tie? The pre tied is ready to use and easy to attach around your neck without any need to tie it. This type is suitable for the informal look but when you still want a dressed outfit, for example when going to a party or going out. The self-tie bow tie on the other hand requires you to know how to tie the bow tie. It is a good choice for the formal look. There are also many other types of bow ties in different fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and cashmere. In our selection we also provide the classic ivy bow tie.

Bow tie – Shop online

Buying a bow tie online should be easy and comfortable. Shopping online can also save you a lot of money compared to buying bow ties in physical stores. We have the cheapest and greatest assortment of bow ties. Find any fabric or material you like, we have cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, linen, and polyester bow ties in all price ranges, both in self tie bow ties and pre tied bow ties. We probably have the world´s largest assortment of solid color bow ties. Welcome to shop bow ties online at Neckwearshop. One of the world largets selction of men's bow ties online. We have all the colors, patterns and fabrics you might be looking for. Maybe the greatest online shop for bow ties for men. The pre tied bow tie is ready to be attached to your neck without havin to tie it, the self tie bow tie on the other hand needs to be tied. The pre tied bow tie works well for the informal dresscode, while the self tie bow tie is better for the formal dresscode. If you are going to a wedding you should use the self tie bow tie.


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