Choose from classic belts of leather, modern braided fabric belts or stylish suede belts. Most belts are available in 4-5 sizes, and you will find a size guide alongside the product description. The size of a belt is measured from the outermost hole to the end of the belt buckle. The total length of the belt with a specified dimension of 85 cm is therefore actually 10-15 cm longer when you measure the belt from end to end. Regardless of the type of belt you are looking for, you will find it in our online store. You can use the filters to sort by colour, material, price range and brand. It should be easy and convenient to buy belts online. If the belt does not fit and you wish to change the size, we offer free shipping so that you can try out the size at home at your leisure. Buy your new belt from us online!

Shop belts online

Buying belts online at is both simple and smart. It's important that you know the length of belt you need to get a good fit. You can also see which trouser measurements  correspond to which length of the belt on each product page in the belt section. See also our size guide for belts. We have a large assortment of belts, something that few bricks-and-mortar stores can offer. Our goal is to always offer the lowest prices, which is why we offer a price guarantee. When you buy a belt online, it is most important to get the right length, so be sure to check which length is right for you.


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