Scandinavias widest selection of hankies. We have handkerchiefs in many different colors and patterns. High quality to an affordable price. Shop your pocket squares online at Neckwearshop.

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Wide selection of pocket squares. We have hankies in all styles and designs. Buy your handkerchief online at Neckwearshop.

The handkerchief – A small accessory that makes a big difference

The hanky is an excellent accessory, which provides you endless opportunities to give your outfit great variation, just by changing pocket square. Handkerchiefs can be worn with a suit, jacket, tail coat or tuxedo. There are no specific rules when the pocket square can be used, it is suitable both for formal and informal occasions.

You should not wear a pocket handkerchief for practical purposes, if you need a hanky to lend to your female companionship or to wipe sweat from your forehead, then you should have a complementary cotton hanky in the pocket of your trousers.

New jackets sometimes hade stitched breast pockets, these can easily be unstitched so you can use a handkerchief. However, let the side pockets of your jacket or suit remain stitched, since these affects the shape and fitting of the jacket.

Handkerchief and jacket

Hankies are mostly used to a jacket, separately or together with a tie. Just a jacket and a hanky gives a preppy but relaxed look. The handkerchief can be both in solid color or with patterns, only your imagination set the limits. You can also wear a bow tie together with a bow tie or ascot.

If you do not wish to spend too much money on jackets and suits we recommend you to buy a lot of different hankies. At least 5-10 hankies in different colors should be available in every man´s closet. A well matched handkerchief can really take your style to the next level. If you have a wide selection of handkerchiefs you can experiment with colors and patterns until you find that perfect hanky for your outfit.


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